Re-blogging my two-part post with Intensity Without Mastery blogger and photographer Michelle Cole from Lima, Ohio. I hope her story and images resonate with you as much as they do with me. Are you a Rust Belt blogger? Interested in collaborating? Let me know!

Rust Belt Girl

For my next two posts here at Rust Belt Girl, I am honored to present Michelle Cole, a fellow Ohio native, who blogs at Intensity Without Mastery. I first stumbled upon Michelle’s photographs of the city where she lives: Lima, Ohio. I have posted before about abandonment photography, or “ruin porn,” as leaving me cold. Michelle’s photography, on the other hand, struck me with its depth of feeling, and I knew I had to learn more about the woman behind the lens. She has agreed to guest post here at my blog, and I’m so grateful.

As Michelle will tell, life in Lima—like in many Rust Belt places—has seen its share of hard times: leaving and loss. There are also sweet spots.

Between her photographs and candid backstory, Intensity Without Mastery moves me with its intense truthfulness:

My life was a mess of attrition and despair…

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3 thoughts on “Life in Lima and more–from Intensity Without Mastery’s Michelle Cole

  1. Continuing comment . . . The aforementioned photo reminds me of what should I do about my older street photography in the age of online facial recognition. I think it’s possible that some of the subjects of my photos have passed away, and I’ve wondered if their loved ones would like to see these images. I wouldn’t know where to begin with such an endeavor.

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  2. Wow–I had never given a thought to how facial recognition technology could affect photographers and their subjects. (I love that photo of the elderly ladies because they seem almost frozen in time, their fashion, their stance, looking forward but certainly not moving very fast. Their loved ones certainly may want it.) You open up an interesting can of worms here: might photographers one day have a responsibility to name or protect the anonymity of their subjects–in an age when technology can “read” who they are? Hmm. Never a dull moment here on the blog. Thanks, Michelle, for all your contributions! I keep coming back to that fall foliage shot, thinking, soon! This summer has been so hot!


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