Rebecca here–I’m on the best trip–to the museum with HistorianRuby, who is a wonderful tour guide through history. If you enjoy history–or maybe especially if you think you don’t–take this special blog party for a spin. Discover some great posts and maybe follow another special blogger through heritage and history. Enjoy!

HistorianRuby: An Historian's Miscellany

HistorianRuby invites you all to participate in a blog trip of your choice!

You don’t like history? Really? You may be surprised at how many ways we can consume history – if you’re not sure, take a look at my post The Many Ways to Consume History.

Did you stop to look at that statue that had a bird on its head? Did it make you smile? There’s always a story behind a statue . . .

How about a little family history? Do you like to reminisce about a fishing trip with your dad and uncle thirty years ago? Or did your grandmother teach you to bake?

What about when your favourite football team won the cup for the first or last time and you were there to see every nerve-wracking minute of it. It’s all history.

Or how you hated history at school as they made you learn about…

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