Dug up this this writing advice from a while back–as I close out the week a little early to spend some time with my guys. I might take a day or two of vacay from the blog, but never from books–my constant companions and my kids’. We are a family often drenched in the written word, as Hart Crane would say. I’m reading no fewer than four books right now–a couple books of poems, one non-fiction history, one non-fiction self-help. Just finished Nico Walker’s novel CHERRY, which knocked the wind out of me for fiction for just a moment. (My pseudo-review is under…well, you guessed it.) Happy word-soaking and happy almost-weekend, all!

Rust Belt Girl


One must be drenched in words, literally soaked in them, to have the right ones form themselves into the proper pattern at the right moment.

Hart Crane

Where I am, we’re soaked in more than words today (flood watches and warnings galore), and I’m happy for sump pumps and hopeful for drier weather, tomorrow.

As for the world of words, I abide by Crane’s advice to flood oneself with words–but I didn’t always. It used to be, I was careful to read one book at a time, careful that it not remind me too closely of the one-and-only-one WIP I was drafting, revising, or editing. These days, I’m not so careful. I’m usually reading three or more books at a time: one craft, one novel, one story collection. I’m usually working on my novel manuscript and a short story concurrently. And, of course, brainstorming the next blog post.


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