The wonderful editors at WordPress Discover are instituting a new thing, starting in April. I’m not typically one for writing prompts, but then there’s been absolutely nothing typical about these pandemic days–or my literary (or non) responses to them. Maybe you’ll join me in responding to one or more prompts. Maybe we’ll discover something new, hopeful, or even joyous together. I hope so… ~Rebecca

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Odds are that your world has changed quite a lot in the past few weeks, whether it became more chaotic, more challenging, or more limited. Writing is a way to process complicated thoughts and feelings — especially when we write as part of a supportive community. So we wanted to help.

During the month of April, we’ll publish a new writing prompt every day right here on Discover. If you’re struggling to find the time or focus for your blog, prompts are a quick, low-friction way to get going. And if you wish to connect with other writers and bloggers around the world, with prompts it’s easy to find new readers and extend your community.

Hmm, writing prompts… say more?

For anyone looking for quick instructions, we have a cheat sheet just for you.

How to participate:

  • Check out the daily Discover Prompt.
  • Write a new post on your site…

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6 thoughts on “In Need of Inspiration? Discover Writing Prompts Are Coming in April

    1. I’m generally a big fan of WordPress Discover and the WP editors, so I’m excited about these prompts. Might be a good place to convene, write, and read during these scary times. I am trying to read books on my TBR and have written a little–maybe not what I should be writing, but I don’t want to forget what I’m feeling, these days. I’d be reading more if I wasn’t micromanaging my kids’ Google Classroom nonsense for school. But mostly I’m trying to hold them close, and hopefully we’ll all pull through. Be well, Deb, and I hope you’re managing to write some, too. I’ll look forward to reading more from you soon!

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      1. I’m finding it difficult to read, but I am writing some. I’m in a cabin so I look at trees 😊 I can only imagine the online school stuff. I taught a hybrid writing class recently at a local college and eve on good days it was a challenge. Yes, hold your loved ones close. Stay well, stay safe 🤗

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