A long-overdue lawn trimming revealed a rabbit’s nest in the yard. There are two babies that we can see. Twins, each no bigger than a child’s hand. A quick internet search revealed some interesting facts: that baby rabbits need only to nurse a couple times a day, and do so very quickly (unlike the seemingly endless nursing sessions I experienced with my own twins). But then, it’s “quick as a bunny,” not “quick as a baby.”

It was a joy to see the excitement on my more tender-hearted boy’s face at his discovery. While the boys left them alone–wild rabbits are not pets–they did name them: Peter and Bugs. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t worry that these rabbits might not make it. Death’s natural, and all that. Only, now I do worry–about that and everything else. I also worry I might not make it through this year without securing a real pet for my boys, something to hold and care for. I’ve suggested a domesticated rabbit; the boys are talking about a dog, again.

I’m chronicling my days of COVID-19-induced isolation here at the blog with the help of WordPress Discover . This post was in response to Discover Prompt Day 6: Hands. Won’t you join in?

Of course, I’m still reading and writing the Rust Belt and beyond. Looking for an author interview, writing advice, or story? See my categories above.

25 thoughts on “Smaller than a child’s hand: Discover Prompts Day 6

    1. No. I read that the mother only comes to the nest a couple times a day, so as not to attract predators to it. We’re trying to keep our distance and let nature do its thing. But I do fear the lawnmower may have disturbed this habitat!


    1. Ack! I know! I am so outnumbered around here. It seems to come in waves, the real interest in doing what it takes to have a dog. And now that we’re home all the time, it would make sense. But, God willing, this “new normal” won’t be the normal for the long term. And then who takes care of the dog when we want to go away for the weekend? Of course, all my logic goes in one ear and out the other in the face of puppy-excitement. Ugh.

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  1. How terrific! We have lots of birds around us and you can hear when baby chicks have arrived…a few years ago we had an Eagle’s nest in our front yard…and when the baby we’re hatched, the Mom would sit on the edge of the nest and feed them….and would leave a LOT of droppings on our front walkway in the process!

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    1. Oh wow–I’m always on the lookout for eagles. Amazing to have them in your yard! We have a lot of osprey here along with a lot of baby osprey screeching in the spring. I do notice the birds a lot more now. I suppose that a silver lining of isolation is noticing what goes on right in our own yards more than usual.

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  2. A dog, a dog — my kingdom for a dog! 😆🐶 Get them a pup, Rebecca, your kids will love it, and so will you. I never had a dog until I was 50 and I never should have denied myself the utter joy for that long. Deb

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