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No joke: my husband thought I was the neighbor’s beagle. OK, let’s back up. You know, as much as I love to sing, I’m not much of a vocal self-starter. In the car, I typically sing along with Evita, Sia, or Fiona (holla if you’ve heard her latest–is it as wild as this Vulture interview with her?).

In the family room, my boys and I butcher Queen and Journey ballads as something of p.j.-wearing chamber music ensemble.

As the newest soprano in my church choir, I spent Advent and the Christmas season joining my voice with others’–led by a choir director who knows how to get the best from us and our vocal chords. (Not squeamish? See vocal chords–not mine–in action, here.)

And so I came to a point in this isolation that I missed it–missed feeling the sound of song start in my guts and travel through my chest into my head all tingly. I felt I needed to sing. Only, the thing about my isolation is that it’s with three other people. What’s one more than trisolation? Anyway, it’s not exactly the introvert’s ideal. So, I warned them, closed my office door, and began. I am not great, or even very good, but I am loud. So, it was during these vocal exercises that my husband mistook my voice for a dog’s.

Reader, we are still married.

Joking aside, it’s been nice to explore the free resources–and plain fun–available to amateur singers on YouTube. I like vocal coach Madeleine Harvey’s warm ups and especially her video on head voice. Freya Casey, a German opera singer and vocal coach, also leads singers through exercises and has a “How to Sing” series that breaks down popular songs–including Puccini’s “O Mio Babbino Caro.” All it takes is 17 minutes, folks. Or, a lifetime. Still, it’s fun to try. And then there’s swoony Josh Groban’s latest isolation-themed #ShowerSongs series. Sorry, Grandma, he’s fully clothed. But check out that subway tile.

So, tell me, how are your hobbies going in isolation, trisolation, or otherwise?

I’m chronicling our isolation with the help of WordPress Discover Prompts. This post was in response to Discover’s daily prompt: Music. Care to join in? Read others’ responses here. My other prompts responses:

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14 thoughts on “A joyful noise: Discover Prompts, Day 20

  1. You’re brave to sing behind closed doors with family ‘listening’. I could never do that. My singing voice is worse than the neighbor’s dog 😛

    But good for you, sing away. Close the door and enjoy yourself. As one introvert to another, I totally get it.

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  2. I suspect the self isolating of most of this neighbourhood might have started 40 years ago if I had ever taken to singing in public. but your public deserves a broadcast of the Moon Ruark chamber music ensemble….

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    1. Ha! I doubt it, Geoff, but you might be onto something. Maybe cities around the U.S. dealing with protesters flooding the streets should just broadcast my boys and me belting out Queen! Like 711 convenience stores used to play classical music to deter people from lingering in the parking lot. Couldn’t hurt to try.


  3. I have loved singing since I was a little girl; if it weren’t for the breathing issues my allergies cause, I would have pursued it at least recreationally as an adult. I’ve never had a runner’s high, but I can attest to the existence of a singing high. Singing is part of who I am.

    My daughter hated being sung to as an infant, which crushed me; I’d so been looking forward to singing to my baby. Luckily, my son loved being sung to, and now that he’s older, I hear him singing to himself daily. We sing together sometimes, especially while riding in the car. It’s nice to have a music buddy.

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    1. A music buddy! I can’t imagine anything more joyous. My boys used to dance with me some but won’t anymore; they will sing a little though. It is so interesting how singing and song is so personal–some people take to it from infancy and others don’t. I want to hear more about your singing–what did you sing? With a choir? Did you take voice? I get so nervous, I can’t say I’ve experienced a singer’s high (Lord knows there’s never been a runner’s high) but I’ll keep trying until I get there! Thanks so much for your perspective–and your voice!


  4. Love this! I am singing all the time and just learned how to play “A Horse with No Name” on guitar. No one’s here to critique, so Im pretty sure I’m awesome. 🙂

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    1. Thanks again, Shelley. Was just thinking, Wow, I wish I had Shelley’s ability (or any ability) with a camera. Pheasants have been popping up in my town. And a friend in VA says a peacock has taken up residence in her yard. Now must be the best time to capture great shots of birds!


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