Last night you cried at midnight, do you remember? Yes, replied one of my three-year-olds. Did you have a bad dream? Yes, I did. What was it about? Well… there was an ENORMOUS lion (spreading his arms as wide as they go). And the lion came very close to me, put his face right in […]

Dream Talk (and Photos) — The Snow Melts Somewhere

Rebecca here–sharing with you this lovely post from one of my favorite international blogs, The Snow Melts Somewhere. Many of you know I’m reading all I can about Finland and its history, as I’m writing the first draft of a historical novel partly set in the “Land of a Thousand Islands.” These photos–and the sweet children’s dream descriptions–came along at just the right time. For now, we travel from the safety of our living rooms (and our dad’s living room, where I now sit). But we can still dream! I hope you enjoy this post from The Snow Melts Somewhere…

24 thoughts on “Dream Talk (and Photos) — Shared from The Snow Melts Somewhere

  1. Lovely post and pictures. I couldn’t help but think of Aslan the whole time! I still haven’t read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I don’t know why. I think it’ll come at exactly when the child in me needs it!

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    1. I thought of Aslan, too. I never read any of those books until my boys wanted to, as read-alouds and audiobooks on car rides when they were little. I’ll never forget when one of my guys said, “Mom, Aslan’s like God, right?” Truly, I think my kid “got” it before I did. (Which says as much about my denseness as it does anything about him!) I do remember that of all the series, we enjoyed the Prince Caspian book the best–when you’re ready!

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    1. What’s the Croatia connection? NE Ohio actually has a huge Croatian population–not that a visit to OH would appease your longing for that motherland. I hope you get there, and that we can all travel past our living rooms before too long!

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      1. Just the fact that I’m dying to visit Croatia and it sounds like you have a similar interest in Finland!

        Also, I actually DID take a solo road trip to Dayton, Ohio when I lived in Portland. I spent three years there as a child and always longed to return.

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  2. Ah, the photo & quote are lovely, Rebecca. And your historical novels sounds wonderful — I’d buy it in a heartbeat! Say, I’m sure you’ve heard of Tove Jansson, but if you haven’t, you may want to check her out. I just love her work. She created the famous Moomintroll comic strips/books, but she was also a terrific writer & artist. Currently, I’m reading The Summer Book, but she’s also written a memoir you might find interesting called Sculptor’s Daughter. Write on, my friend!

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    1. I thought the post from Finland was lovely, too–her blog is great! Thank you for stopping by, and for the reading recommendations! I have heard of the Moomin books–but I haven’t checked out her other stuff. I do hope I get a chance to offload one of my books on you one day, Deb. I need to finish this WIP before, tho. And of course the agent search for the first one is everlasting–and ever wearying! Still, we write on! Hope you’re doing the same. I have a story or two of yours to catch up on–looking forward to it!


      1. Wow! Really?! I hadn’t heard that — that’s terrific! Now I’ll have to read and re-read as well. I got on a Tove kick a couple of years ago. Went to a small bookstore in Traverse City, MI and they carried a lot of her work. Okay, then — I’ll start reading this week. Please let me know if you hear the details of the movie (when it comes to, where, etc.). Thank you so much for letting me know — what great news!

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