Nice shot of a Skeeter-class ice boat. (Thanks, Dad!)

Here at Rust Belt Girl, my followers know I am a dyed-in-the-wool Lake Erie booster.

My fondest memories of childhood take place at the lake–but they are usually warm memories.

However, fun on the Great Lakes doesn’t stop for a bit of cold and ice. My dad, who lives in Port Clinton, a Lake Erie town big on charter fishing, reports that the ice fishing is going strong this winter. Two thousand ice fishing shanties were counted on the lake at one time last weekend. That’s a lot of walleye!

For those who like to feel the 10 degree wind through their hair, there’s ice boating. Check out the Skeeter-class boat pictured above that can do 100 miles per hour in the right wind.

Brr, but maybe fun? (Honestly, I think I’ll stick to my indoor winter sports of reading and writing.)

What do you think?


8 thoughts on “Lake Erie Ice Sports

  1. I keep getting friends asking me to Ice Fish, but I just can’t force myself to sit in the cold to fish. I get it that you can get shelters and heaters and such, but it’s just the thought of being that cold and “intentionally” going out in it. I like to ski but I’m a fair weather skier – if it’s in the single digits or below,,,,Na, sit me by the fire and check on me when you’re done 🙂

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    1. I hear ya. I’d really like a freezer stocked with walleye this winter, but it’s too darn cold. I mean, my feet are cold, sitting inside! I miss skiing–haven’t been since college–but I might get in a ski trip this winter. One of my boys wants to try snowboarding. Keep warm out there!

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    1. Ha. I know–I caught that a little too late. I fixed it. Then, I thought, if I did go ice fishing or ice boating, I probably would be died-in-the-wool–from cold–no matter how many pairs of socks I wore!


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