20 thoughts on “An ode to myself upon regarding my Submittable queue…with a little help from Andy Warhol

    1. I do love the blog-as-journal–one that I won’t mistakenly trash. (Or at least I hope not.) But really this quote can serve us all well, everyday. Also I just realized that I’m up to more than 60 rejections this year, which means I’m writing and submitting but also a little deflated. Sometimes it takes a Warhol to pump me back up! Off to check out your poem now!

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  1. Just keep moving forward and creating…here’s a true story: an Actress who had some early success was finding it suddenly hard to get parts – she feared she was “aging out” of the business. She had just driven back to LA from a failed, low-budget film shoot in New Mexico that shut down due to lack of funds, and she was worried about how to pay for her daughter’s school…she was very dejected, but her Agent told her the timing was interesting because ABC was testing Actresses for some show he said was “about some desperate housewives or something.” Teri Hatcher told me that story, saying it was like a gift from the heavens, and nothing she could have ever planned – it was just fate.

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  2. Wonderful advice! I’ve been involved in three watercolor art exhibitions over the past 6 months (my first exhibitions ever), and the variety of art I find exhibited is crazy yet beautiful – no one style is the same. What one finds beautiful, another may not. What one finds unimpressive, another may find genius. This is all apparent when the judge makes his or her decisions regarding the ribbon winners – ALWAYS an interesting time. But, the point is that someone out there will appreciate your art, so just keep creating those things that make you happy. I sure enjoy your writing, Rebecca, and I love visiting your blog. Warhol is spot on!

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    1. Well, you know I’m a big fan of your paintings. But, yes, I can see that at art competitions, I’m sure there must be both moments of deep appreciation and bafflement! Even “juried” shows are subjective, of course. But, you’re right, artistic taste varies as much as taste for foods, etc. Wouldn’t it be boring if there was a standard for good art? And, thinking about Warhol, what tough skin he must have had. I mean, paintings of soup cans! Imagine how insane that must have seemed at the time. Thanks for your insights–and for your art!


  3. So true! From time to time when I’m writing, I get caught up in thinking about what others would want. Then I remind myself that it’s my blog and I can do whatever I want with it. And paradoxically, I end up receiving wonderful feedback from others.

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    1. Yes! It’s hard to forget the reader entirely in blogging, since in some cases that’s a potential customer, but I do think we need to create from the gut. You’re so right. It ends up being the posts we dashed off, or wrote more for ourselves, that oftentimes connect deeply with followers. Thank you for reading and commenting here!

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    1. Great! Yes, love this quote. I mean, my Submittable queue is like a bad Browns game score at this point. I just have to remember that submitting is winning (in a way) and that, really, the art is the thing! Thanks for stopping by, Deb!

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      1. Ha, love the football metaphor. My queue is like the Colts, who start with great hopes but end up in the tank. LOL And yes, the process is everything β€” publishing, icing on the cake (had to work in a confectionary metaphor!). πŸ™‚ Deb

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      1. You’re welcome. The more you put yourself out there, the more the opportunities for rejection arise. I won’t tell anyone if you choose to go with ice cream when the desire hits ;-)! xx

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