I can’t think of a better way to wrap up the year than this compilation of blogging successes from WordPress. Among them is my take, which I hope captures my sincere appreciation for this blogging community. Thank you for connecting with me and my blog in 2019! See you in 2020, friends. ~Rebecca

Discover WordPress

Last month, we asked you to reflect: How has 2019 unfolded? Have I met my blogging goals? Are we on track to meet our business goals? We wanted to know what your site has helped you achieve this year. Over the past several weeks, we’ve received thoughtful responses here on Discover and across our social channels — here are highlights.

Finding one’s place in the world

Thanks WordPress, for giving me a platform to stand on.

Hootiebirds Art Journal

It has allowed me to develop many friendships from around the world thus greatly enriching my life. I’m totally blind and live alone with just myself, my now aged retired guide dog, and a half-wild cat who comes to eat, get petted, then leave to traverse the world in the way only a tomcat can do, and I would be lost without the WordPress community and the work I do.

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6 thoughts on “Readers Respond: What Has WordPress.com Helped You Do or Achieve This Year?

  1. Thank you for posting that link, Rebecca. It was lovely to see a number of responses from bloggers I know.

    Thank you for your blogging/writing tip about this time last year. You said, “Give it.”
    It’s advice of which i remind myself regularly.

    All the very best and merry Christmas.
    Kind Regards. Tracy.

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  2. Happy New Year! WordPress…hmm…well, if it weren’t for WP, I would’ve never met you and that would’ve made my 2019 year in blogging less enjoyable for sure! The community of bloggers found on WP is definitely the highlight of the platform to me. Thank you for being part of it and for sharing all your helpful tips on writing. I learn something new from you each time I stop by here!

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