My gratitude stops short of thanking the tiny tick I found on my hip. But if this period of isolation and fear due to the COVID-19 pandemic has taught me anything, it’s taught me to value the small things.

There are the gardening gloves given to me by one of my boys–for Mother’s Day, last year, I think. They are actually a little small for my long fingers, but they are also a beautiful turquoise. So I admired them as I weeded the flower beds around our house, yesterday afternoon–for a short time only, because my husband is a fastidious gardener, which is not a small thing.

Then there are the lilies of the valley I picked, which haven’t been overrun by the hulking hostas, this year, and whose little bells smell so sweet.

And then there’s the tree swing made by my dad, upon which I had a good swing after weeding and flower-picking–yep, this lady swinging away. It didn’t even make me nauseous, which is a pleasant small thing.

Today, it’s a soggy mess out there. But yesterday it was warm and clear and it seemed every neighbor was out cleaning his gutters, mowing the grass, or weed-whacking: in-town sounds, a minor suburban symphony.

My husband was in the veggie garden. Our boys finished their school work and came outside to join us, and eventually my little family lay down in the grass, feeling the springtime sun on our faces.

Enter the tick.



Many thanks to the WordPress editors for providing daily WordPress Discover Prompts in April! They helped me to chronicle our isolation. This post was in response to Discover’s daily prompts: List and Grateful. Read others’ responses here. My other prompts responses:

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26 thoughts on “Small things: Discover Prompts, Days 29 and 30

  1. I have been trying for three years to grow lily of the valley. It’s my birth flower, but I haven’t seen a real one since I was a child and my grandfather’s girlfriend brought me some one year on my birthday. I’m envious of your flowers, but not your tick.

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    1. They’re so fragrant! The lilies were here when we moved in, on the NW side of the house, so they don’t get too much sun. But they don’t last as long as they did back home in OH. Probably a little hot for them here. Yeah, I’ll watch to make sure the tick bite doesn’t amount to anything. Ugh.


  2. Lily of the Valley plants are one of my favorites — so old fashioned, so hardy, so sweet. I had a mass of them at my front door in my previous home — a one hundred year old farmhouse. I miss them and your picture made me smile.

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    1. I’m glad–thank you for reading! Thankfully the squirrels leave the lilies alone–unlike the tulips, of which we had only one this year. Just popped over to your blog and followed. Ah, Zoom. I won’t miss it when this is over.


  3. A sweet tour of your part of the universe. As already mentioned, sorry about the tick bite, hope it’s nothing, which is most likely will be. I liked the turquoise glove description and knowing your husband is an avid gardener!

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    1. Ha! Just went down a rabbit hole of people on the ol’ interwebs arguing whether Lily of the Valley which is poisonous–thank you, I didn’t know that!–could be found in Walt’s backyard in NM. (I watched some but not all the series–I know, I know, I’m a series failure!) Though not a native plant, it could be found in a garden in NM. I know mine don’t like too much sun, so it’d have to be a shadier spot. Anyhooo, I am deep into Better Call Saul, which means I also watch too much TV.

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      1. Oh, it was totally Lily of the Valley in Walt’s backyard. Whether or not he intentionally poisoned the kid is another question. (I think he did.)

        Better Call Saul is equally brilliant. If we’re watching too much TV, at least it’s quality TV!

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  4. Aw, what a beautiful way to conclude the prompts for the month of April. I’m a huge fan of those flowers – their scent is so delicate and fresh and their blossoms so dainty. That’s a nice photo you shared! I had some in my gardens, but they disappeared when the irises took over. Ticks are out here too. I haven’t found one on myself yet, though. But as soon as I start gardening (after the frosty week ahead) I bet I’ll find some too. They aren’t the small things I enjoy seeing either! I look forward to reading your next post!!

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    1. I love those flowers–and they happen to be my mother-in-law’s favorite, which is good because I can grab a little bouquet for her, for her birthday today. Since the boys and I haven’t really been leaving the house and yard much, it’s flowers and some homemade muffins that’ll have to do for birthday gifts this year. It’s a strange time, after all! Need to post again this weekend–I was on such a good blogging run in April, but we’ve been rainy and a little gloomy (outside and inside) this week. Looks like we’ll have a little sun today though. Thank you for stopping by, Shelley, and I hope you have a nice weekend!

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      1. Aw, that’s a sweet gift for your MIL. That made me smile, I remember when simple gifts like that were the gift of choice.
        I hope your week is full of sunshine, warm thoughts and plenty of blogworthy material to keep you posting on your blog. I’ll be back again soon! Take care!

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