Cloudy. Off-kilter. A bit out-of-focus. This vessel will right itself, too.

How are you?

I’m chronicling our isolation with the help of WordPress Discover Prompts. This post was in response to Discover’s daily prompt: Focus. Care to join in? Read others’ responses here. My other prompts responses:

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12 thoughts on “Mood: Discover Prompts, Day 28

      1. You’re very welcome! I’m intrigued by folks who love to read. I don’t read much, so it’s interesting read about people who do lol!! (I know that doesn’t make much sense but I’m weird like that lol)

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      2. Ha, not weird. Well, I wish I had talents for playing music or was adventurous enough to sky-dive, etc. Because I don’t and am not, I read–partially to experience things vicariously, and also to escape into a different world (without leaving my chair!). Have a good day. I’m going to check out your blog now.

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      3. I’m not Eddie Van Halen or Yngwie Malmsteen, but I really enjoy playing guitar. I was almost airborne in the army… and you’re exactly right!

        I have 2 blogs. A biblical blog and poetry.

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      4. Thanks for sending the link–just checked out a couple of your recent poems. Very nice–I liked the second to the last one, with the line “both spirit and mire,” really visceral contradiction, but that is us humans, isn’t it? I read a lot of poetry, but don’t write much. However, I did write a couple as part of a workshop earlier this summer and it was fun. Just free verse (which my kids insist is not poetry, because it oftentimes doesn’t rhyme). Poetry-writing works a different part of the brain that story writing, for me, and for that reason (and others) I want to write and read more of it. I hope you keep your poetry-writing up!


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