Tarot and Natural History in the Exurban Wilds By Matt Stansberry with Illustrations by David Wilson People have used Tarot cards for over 500 years to reveal some hidden information The post New Book September 2018: Rust Belt Arcana appeared first on Belt Magazine | Dispatches From The Rust Belt.

via New Book September 2018: Rust Belt Arcana — Belt Magazine | Dispatches From The Rust Belt

Exploring this natural history helps us to find our place in the landscape, to know our home and ourselves.

Rust Belt Girl here. News of this new book got me to thinking… How much of my place’s natural history do I know?

On a recent trip to visit my native Ohio, my boys and I sought out a quiet Lake Erie beach. We had it all to ourselves. 20170714_132414

We swam. My boys made “indestructible” sand castles fortified by stones and shells. Some of these shells aren’t shells, I discovered. They are otoliths, or ear bones, from sheepshead fish.

sheephead fish lucky stone

See the “L”? My dad combs the beach for these “lucky stones,” and so I joined him that day, walking along the sand, gazing down at my feet–and just wasting time. How often do I comb a beach, lose a couple hours listening to the wind through the leaves, let my kids make their own fun from piles of crushed rocks?

Not often enough. One more shot to remember the summer and a natural history still to be discovered…20170714_132423

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