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I submitted “Scooter Kid,” a story about conception (of a couple different kinds)–of creation, chaos, and control. (Spot the nod to Stockard Channing’s character in the 1993 movie, Six Degrees of Separation? Yeah, I’m still a little obsessed.)

Many thanks to Elizabeth Varel, Editor in Chief and Fiction Editor, and all the editors of Parhelion Literary Review for publishing my story in your lovely journal. Alongside my fiction, you’ll find a trove of thought-provoking prose, poetry, and art: right here.

Happy weekend. Happy reading. What’s on tap for you?

Thanks for stopping by!


*Seriously though, submitting to literary journals? Check those submissions guidelines.

**OK, OK, all stories are death stories.

22 thoughts on “When a journal editor says no more death stories* **

  1. Loved, loved, loved the beautiful art you created with the story “Scooter Kid”. Your words pulled me in and I felt the emotions your characters felt. You’re are one talented writer, Rebecca!

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    1. You’re so kind, Frances! Can you please direct your question to the agents I’m currently querying. Ha! But really, I am querying (for my novel MS, though, not short fiction)–quite the process. Can’t tell you how delightful it is to take breaks in Paris–by hanging out on your blog! (That hospital is almost beautiful enough to make me want to go to the hospital!) Thanks for stopping by here!

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      1. Good for you! I can only imagine what that process is like. I look forward to the publication of MS. I’m so happy that you are enjoying my blog. I get such joy out of publishing each new post and receiving such wonderful feedback. Paris is such an amazing place! I don’t think I’ll ever get enough!

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