I’m feeling deep blog love on this Valentine’s Day. Really, I am. I only wish I had the time to devote to crafting a post about the many positive connections–and even a free book or two (now that’s love!)–I’ve made through this site. Work calls–and so I’m relying on the ol’ reblog. Happy Day, whatever kind of love you’re celebrating. More soon. ~Rebecca

Rust Belt Girl



Is it weird to mourn your mom on Valentine’s Day—with the holiday’s declarations of love, its overtures and SWAKs? This is love stuff, yes, but this is also word stuff.

In the dozen years since my mom left this life, I’ve become more fluent in the language of loss—and of life. Do not pity this post. I happily speak for me and her now, tell her stories to my kids who never knew her, keep her voice alive in mine.

This is mother-love, reborn, but it’s also language-love. Foreign at first and then familiar—even taken for granted—and all the more cherished when it’s gone.

Who among us writers doesn’t ascribe to “show don’t tell?” We illustrate and demonstrate; we craft a tactile scene. But let’s not forget to tell, while we have a voice to do it.

Did you see this coming?

Call your mom. (Or dad or kid…

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4 thoughts on “Name your bliss

    1. Thank you! Just got around to celebrating Valentine’s day last night–better late than never! Hope you enjoyed yours with your girls and your hubby! Until I was with the man I married my mom sent me a box of goodies on V-day, every year. I think she invented Galentines before we called it that! I plan to do that for my guys when they’re out of the house–though they’ll probably be mortified, but that can be fun too!


      1. I think your mum sounds wonderful and I would love to borrow that idea for mine. We had a sweet few moments with the girls- they gave each other cards which was just lovely.
        Am glad you got to have a lovely celebration even if it was a little late. Better late than never! 💗

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  1. OMG–they gave each other cards. That is the sweetest. I miss those days with little ones, making homemade cards and cookies. Now, it’s all about the candy, and my guys wouldn’t be caught dead at school with homemade cards! The benefit to their being older is that my husband and I got to be ALONE for once while the boys went to their first sleepover. Times change, but it’s all good. (And thanks, my “mum” was wonderful–there’s no way I can compete!)


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